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Convenience foods


Convenience foods

The development of a ‘Convenience foods’ direction is of the utmost importance the PTI Groups of Companies. Purposes of the companies in this field are: providing manufacturers with up-to-date ingredients and technologies of their application to solve all tasks of manufacturers. For this purpose specialists of the company constantly improve and expand the range of ingredients, develop regulatory documents, increase technological level of their specialists and specialists of partner companies.

The range of ingredients for convenience foods manufacturing includes:

Textured soya proteins

Isolated and concentrated soya proteins

Animal proteins

Dietary fibers

Functional systems

Multifunctional systems for brine injection and marination

Thickeners and stabilizers for fillings

Dough conditioners

Spice blends and seasonings

Liquid marinades




Preservatives, antioxidants and meat fresheners

Natural spices and spice extracts

Breading systems

Sauces for ready-to-eat dishes

Other ingredients and food additives

 PTI  Group offers for their clients the following regulatory documents:

  1. Meat frozen products in dough, TU 9214-018-58182773-06, comprising 54 formulations of pelmeni, ravioli, dumplings and many other similar products.
  2. Ground meat products, TU 9214-028-54899698-09, containing about 100 formulations of cutlets, beefsteaks, hamburgers, meatballs, nuggetses and other similar products. 
  3. Stuffed frozen pancakes, TU 9119-042-54899698-09, comprising 40 names of pancakes with a wide range of fillings.

Competent technologists of the direction ‘Convenience foods’ have a rich experience of solving such manufacturing tasks as texture building, improvement of gustative characteristics, decrease of net cost, increase of output, improvement of vendibility, simplification of forming and expansion of the range of ready products, and they are always ready to share their experience and knowledge in this sphere of activity.