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One of the most important points of  the PTI Group  strategy of development is its cooperation with leading branch editions: Meat Industry, Publishing House Branch Gazette (Meat technologies, Milk Processing, Confectionary and baking industry), All about meat, Poultry and poultry processing, Meat business (Ukraine) and others. The main purpose of publication consists in familiarization of branch representatives with advanced scientific elaborations and technologies which enable manufacturers to work more effectively in actual market terms. Consultations, masterclass and comments of  the PTI Group  specialists   regarding actual issues published in specialized editions successfully complete seminars and courses held by the holding for technologists with assistance of famous scientists such as the Director of VNIIMP, member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural sciences, Doctor of engineering, professor A.B. Lisitsyn; Head of the Department "Food Chemistry" of Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology, Doctor of Engineering,  professor A.I. Zharinov, head of the laboratory of microstructural analysis of VNIIMP, Doctor of Engineering, S.I. Khvylia.



You can find our scientific articles  on our website in the Russian section Press-Center.