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In April 2007 PTI Group of Companies "Protein. Technologies. Ingredients" obtained a Certificate of Conformity with the International Standard ISO 9001:2000. The Certification has been carried out by independent auditors of AFAQ AFNOR (France).

The PTI Group of Companiesactivities successfully combine three main activities scientific research, manufacturing process and distribution. Each of them is rather particular from the point of view of organizational structure of costs and capital sharing. The Quality Management System (QMS) being developed by Companys managers according to Standards requirements and introduced during the preparation for certification, is called to join all such activities of the Company into a single one and consider satisfaction of its customers' needs as its purpose.

One of the key notions of ISO is the concept of staff competence. The Standard reads as follows: really effectively working Company should manage the competence of its employees. For that purpose the Companys managers have determined competence requirements regarding each position in the Company which after regular assessment of complying of one or another employee with them are taken as a base for initiation and organization of staff training. Such approach enables the Companys employees to constantly advance their professionalism and improve quality of work.

The manufacturing enterprise Platinum Absolut also being part of the  PTI Group has passed the certification for complying with the International standard "ISO 9001:2000". Before that in December 2006 the enterprise obtained the Certificate of Conformity with HACCP. Now the activity organization at the enterprise corresponds with the highest level of requirements of the both Standards that is proved by effective Certificates of Conformity. 

 Thus, we may conclude that PTI Group  is customers directed at all stage of development, manufacturing and realisation of its products.

Within the QMS framework a process approach is used at PTI Group  for effective administration of numerous interconnected activities. Due to that fact management efficiency, connection between different processes within a single system and process combination and interaction are reached.

 At the present the following business-processes have been determined with the Quality Management System of PTI Group:

n      P-1 QMS Administration

n      P-2 Financial activity

n      P-3 Sales organization

n      P-4 Logistics and purchases

n      P-5 Manufacturing

n      P-6 Staff Management"

n      P-7 Promotion

n      P-8 Staff Management

n      P-9 Information Infrastructure Management

n      P-10 Economic Infrastructure Management

For the purpose of Companys opportunity to guarantee its clients regularly high level of servicing maintained by effective work and permanent improving of QMS functioning simultaneously, representatives of an independent certification authority (AFAQ AFNOR) carry out at an annual basis inspections auditing of all units and elements of the System. The auditing is called to produce conclusive proof of the fact that QMS functioning within the Company is still complying with all requirements of the Standard and provides for customers directivity of both individual employees and subdivisions and the whole Company.