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The Group of Companies Protein. Technologies. Ingredients is the Official Distributor of largest world companies which names are symbols of high quality, perfect technologies, deep science potential, stability and success.

   SFK FOOD A/S (Denmark) 

Company SFK FOOD A/S is subdivision of the Danish Crown. It is the largest producer and distributor of the blends of spices and functional ingredients in Scandinavia that was working more then 75 years. SFK FOOD A/S is producer of complex spicy-aromatic blends Crown Spice which well-known and popular among Russian producers of meat products.



SFK FOOD A/S is close partner of Group of  PTI Group and processing for it multifunctional complex blends Ronda and Bionext.



                                                                                               METALQUIMIA (Spain)

METALQUIMIA is one of the worlds leaders in production of equipment for the meat-processing industry. Technological innovations in production of ham and luxury foods METALQUIMIA is well-known in whole world. METALQUIMIA supplies perfect equipment and provides technical and technological supporting for their clients.



                                                                            EUROFRAGANCE (Spain)

EUROFRAGANCE is well-known producer of natural and synthetic aromas. This company produces and supplies functional aromas and aromatic additives for meat, dairy, confectionery, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and fragrance industries to many countries of the world.



                                                                                                   "NACTIS"  (France)


NACTIS manufactures and supplies to many countries of the world unique aromatizers, colouring agents, natural spicery and spices and liquid smokes of trade mark Tradismoke.Besides that the company is engaged in development and marketing of specialized products for fish industry.



                                                                                            CARGILL (USA)

In 2005 for the effort of business in direction of producing products for meat industry CARGILL was acqured subdivision Texturant systems of company Degussa (Germany). This subdivision has been developing, producing and marketing worldwide, texturizing systems based on Alginates, Carra-geenans, Galactomannanas (Locust Bean Gum and Guar Gum), Lecithins and Pectins. New direction names Cargill Texturizing solutions and itll take there place in world market certainly.


                                     THERMPHOS (Netherlands)

THERMPHOS is one of the leading producers of phosphates. Its manufactories which is situated in Holland, Germany, France, Great Britain, Argentine and Chilie are producing phosphates for food, pharmaceutical industries and industrial production of cleaning agents. Especially for Group of  PTI Group  THERMPHOS producing food phosphate Curavis.

                                                                   COTION (China)

Production of company COTION supplies to Europe, USA, South-East Asia  in all to more than 25 countries all around the world. The key of the success of this company is guaranteed top quality off all delivered products. COTION produces antioxidants, acidifiers, stabilizers, thickeners, flavorings, essential oils, preservatives and other ingredients for food industry.



                                                         VKL  (India)

VKL is one of the largest exporters of spices and black pepper of luxury segment to more than 25 countries all around the world. The Official Distributor of VKL in Russia is Group of Companies Protein. Technologies. Ingredients.


ButterBuds Food Ingredients (USA)

ButterBuds Food Ingredients company from Rasin (USA) is specializing in produce of natural high-concentrated flavors ButterBuds based on patentad in 1980 enzymatic technology. All products are producing from natural materials butter and cream, different cheeses, oil of cocoa, beer and work to better taste and   aromatic quality of food products. Ready product is representad a freely soluble powder.


Globally recognized boutique management consulting firm headquartered in U.S. with a full staff of multi-lingual MBAs and a wide service offering for medium-sized companies.  ACG has an in-depth understanding of what it takes to succeed in the CIS and North America as a result of years of experience helping clients in various industries on both continents.


                                                                                         "KERRY BIOSCIENCE" (USA)


    Company Kerry Group is the world market leader in food ingredients supplying 10 000 items of products for food industry in 140 countries. Kerry Bioscience subdivision is specialised on manufacturing of biological  synthesis. Its scientific approach ensures improving of ingredients, positively  influencing organoleptic characteristic of finished products. Cooperation with the foregoing holding will allow PTI Group to enlarge the range of high  quality ingredients for meat processing and other branches of food industry.