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Vitaliy Gevorkian, Director of The  Meat  House of Borodin (Moscow):

   Our company has been functioning at the Russian market since 1997 and is engaged in producing high sausages and delicacies.

We are proud of our products quality which is the same as it was in the best Soviet Union times. Our technologies developed

both at our plant and by PTI Group specialists whom we have already been collaborating with for some years, let us stand by our traditions of quality.


   The PTI Groups employees are real experts in their activities. It allows them to answer immediately the requirements of an enterprise such as Butcher's Firm of Borodin often passing even ahead of them. We are impressed with companys style of work which is expressed in a detailed servicing, timely deliveries, and innovativeness of approaches to solving of our problems. 


   The PTI Groups technologists are always ready to experiment, their new and original developments help us to extend the range and increase the quantity of output products keeping their high quality unchanged.   

Sergey Halzev, Director General of meat-processing plant Zlatoyar (Lipetsk):    


   Our enterprise occupies one of the leading positions at meat-processing market not only in Lipetsk region but throughout the whole territory of Central Chernozem area. All our products are manufactured of on-site raw products which are supplied by farmers of our region. As to the ingredients we are constant towards  The  PTI Group. Why? The matter is that the holding guarantees a severe control of quality for raw materials and finished products. We have already been dealing with distribution center PTI-Voronezh for five years and not to a lesser degree it is thanks to such cooperation our meat-processing plant remains one of the leaders at the market.


Vladislav Biryukov, Director General of MPC Atyashevsky (Mordovia):


   MPC Atyashevsky is one of the leading enterprises of agricultural holding Talina. It is situated in the territory of Republic of Mordovia. We have created a closed manufacturing and marketing cycle covering all stages of meat products manufacturing forage purchase, meat primary products fabrication, meat processing, fabrication of finished sausages and their marketing. 


   Collaboration with PTI Group  providing us with a whole range of services starting from development and delivery of ingredients and technology of their application and to preparation of appropriate documents helps us in working within such closed cycle.

   One more trend of collaboration with PTI Group  consists in education. We proceed with development of our manufacturing process and technology to keep on fabrication of products of a due quality. And our specialists for that purpose actually analyse the situation at the butchers market, carry out a competent marketing strategy. Participation in technological seminars organized by PTI Group  specialists helps us to constantly advance professional skills of our leading employees.   

Alexandre Komissarov, Commercial Director of Pavlovskaya poultry factory (Pavlovo, Nizhny Novgorod region)


   Our production department on the basis of poultry factory is specialized on deep processing.  Today we manufacture up to 200 tons of products per year.

It is pleasant to note that during some years of effective cooperation with PTI Group   the manufacture extent became twice more. The foregoing company

has always guaranteed us a high level of servicing: we have an individual specialist attached to our company at the distribution center of PTI-NN.

Therefore we solve on-the-fly any problems connected with manufacturing of tested samples of products and drawing up technical documents. 


   Our specialists together with PTI Group of Companies  technologists have developed a line of poultry finished products boiled and half-smoked products "Pavlovskiye". High quality of our products has obtained prestigious awards. In 2005 new line products obtained 11 medals at the exhibition Selkhozmash and in 2006  - 6 medals at a similar exhibition. In June of the current year we plan to certificate 15 new items of poultry finished products and half-finished products together with leading specialists of PTI Group. Im sure that our business partnership with PTI Group  will enable us to increase manufacturing and make our customers happy with high quality products.

Marina Kipriyanova, Head technologist of sausage plant Bogatyr (Moscow):


   Our enterprise has already been successfully functioning during 8 years at the Russian market of meat products. During all that time we have actively collaborated with PTI Group   applying different ingredients and technologies. We highly appreciate stably high quality of products manufactured by the above mentioned company. For example, our boiled and smoked sausage "Moskovskaya" manufactured following the formula and with application of ingredients of PTI Group   is very popular among the customers. Advancing the range of our products we may always consult PTI Group technologists who generously share their skills and inform us about new products at the ingredients market and new technologies of meat processing. Our specialists regularly participate in seminars organized by PTI Group. Such training programs allow not only to advance professional skills of technologists but also effectively introduce innovative development to manufacturing process.

   On the whole Id like to mention that not only specialists but also top-managers of PTI Group are always mobile and answer all our needs and manufacturing tasks on-the-fly. Dynamic way of activity and up-to-date strategies of business make our cooperation rather forward-looking.