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Sea-Food Processing

Fish processing is one of the promising activities of PTI Group of Companies.  Taking into account experience of leading world manufacturers PTI Group of Companies suggests a wide range of ingredients for fish products:   

    Sauces, pickle, oil and wanter fillings;

    Liquid smokes;

    Phosphates for treatment of fish products and seafood;

    Preservatives and acidity stabilizers;

    gelatinization agents;

     Thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifier;


     Natural spicery, flavouring mixtures;

      Protein ingredients   

      Edible colouring agents;

       Food aromatizers;

        Food starches and others

GC PTIs specialists engaged in fish processing have made and adopted regulatory documents for application of ingredients for the following products:   

Half finished products and forcemeats ;


Boiled sausages and fish.


 PTI Group of Companies develops and introduces today a number of update technologies in fish processing, which meet most of all customers needs and enable manufacturers to increase the sales.


PTI Group of Companiess specialists elaborate ingredients for preserves and different components for sauces compounds.

In particular fish processing enterprises have been suggested new improved supplements for processing of fish of cold and hot smoked fish.

 The main task of PTI Group's direction Fish processing consists in extention of current range of ingredients and permanent development of new and more effective supplements.

 PTI Group of Companies participates every year in International exhibitions such as Seafood and Inprodmash, in industrial out seminars that gives an opportunity to follow advanced technologies of the industry and introduce on-the-fly innovative technologies.