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Confectionery  business was set up in the company five years ago and is now steadily developing.  Due to the new methods and the  innovative approach to the work with clients this branch has found its way to an important  place at the Russian market and spread not only through many regions of Russia but also in the C.I.S. countries. Guided by the needs of the Russian market and based on experience of the leading western manufacturers, the PTI Group of Companies offers to confectionery plants a required range of ingredients:

•          Gelling agents, thickening agents and stabilizers;

•          Flavouring agents and functional food additives;

•          Animal and vegetable proteins;

•          Natural and identical to natural   flavours;

•          Preservatives and antioxidants;

•          Dietary fibers; 

•          Flavours and aromas;

•          Colours, etc.

Special emphasis is laid on the search for new ingredients, the production of multifunctional mixtures, qualitative control of the materials used, custom-tailored approach, development of new confectionery recipes according to the customer's requirements with ingredients of PTI Group of Companies, innovative technologies and their employment.  PTI Group of Companies technologists are mainly focusing upon dealing with the growing needs of manufacturers producing high-quality confectionery goods (both of premium-class and of mass consumption). The technologists of PTI Group of Companies annually hold technologic seminars for confectionery producing plants and participate in many international exhibitions and conferences.

Another advantage of PTI Group of Companies is a streamlined logistics system providing operational delivery of products from the central warehouse in Moscow as well as warehouses of 21 distribution centres in Russia, Ukrainian, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Armenia. PTI Group of Companies always meets the preferences of manufacturing companies and aims at effective and long-term business partnership.