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Poultry Processing

Poultry processing is one of the main directions of  PTI Group of Companies’s activity. 

Applying experience of leading world manufacturers of ingredients for poultry processing our holding offers a wide range of mixtures and monoproducts for manufacturing of poultry products. In particular, universal mixtures for injections are rather topical today and which PTI Group of Companies’s specialists recommend to apply in manufacturing of natural half-finished products, half-finished products for grill and smoked poultry products.

 PTI Group of Companies’s specialists have made regulatory documents for new poultry products which is effective within the territory of Russia and some CIS-countries.

At present there documents for the following poultry products:

Boiled sausage articles;

Half-smoked sausage articles;

Restructured ham;

Delicacy products;

Half-finished products;


The leading technologists of PTI Group of Companies, applying innovative solutions and achievements of actual science permanently develop new kinds of products: functional mixtures on the basis of animal protein, flavouring mixtures complex for manufacturing of poultry sausages. Besides that the holding’s specialists have developed phosphate-free mixtures on the base of citrates applied for half-finished products manufacturing. Mane manufacturers have already appreciated high quality of ingredients for poultry industry offered by PTI Group of Companies and actively cooperate with the holing.         

  PTI Group of Companies is a permanent member of industrial regional and international exhibitions such as “Chicken’s king”, “Agroprodmash” and many other.