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PTI Group - large Russian manufacturer and distributor of food ingredients. Partners of PTI Group - leading world manufacturers, such as Eurofragance (Spain), Metalquimia (Spain), SFK (Denmark), ThermPhos (Netherlands) and many others. The assortment of the company totals more than 450 names of food additives for meat industry, as well as for poultry, fish, confectionery and dairy branches. PTI Group offers a wide range of food additives: functional and multipurpose mixtures, albuminous products, stabilizers and emulsifiers, as well as textured concentrated soya protein, animal protein, texturates, preservatives, food fibers, colorants, flavors and fragrances, phosphates, liquid smokes, spices extracts intended for use in food industry.

PTI Group
19, Yaroslavskoe shosse, Moscow, Russia, 129337
e-mail: info@protein.ru
Tel./fax: +7 (495) 786-8565
              +7 (495) 786-8564